David Yelland: My life as an alcoholic

I had just seen this article in The Observer as titled above and feel that it should be shared here. [Quote from Observer]”He was the editor of the Sun and one of the most influential people in Britain. He was also drunk – every night for 24 years. David Yelland recalls the lowest point of his life, and the long road to recovery.”

There are a lot of similarities between alcohol addiction and drug addiction. And differences too; like alcohol being legally (usually) and easily available. In this sense, the alcoholic doesn’t live in fear of being picked up and have his urine tested, detained and charged in court.

And Yelland… despite his addiction, saw his career rise and rise. This is so unlike someone addicted to drugs, which tend to go the opposite direction. Could the matter of one substance being legal but not the other be a factor in this major difference?

Pix from Observer


“When I went out and disgraced myself in public – as I did many times – I could silence the diary columns by calling a fellow editor. There are stories I could tell that you wouldn’t believe. I was untouchable. I was cocooned and protected, a “made man”, an unelected member of a tiny elite that runs the country and never has to pay a price.”

Read the article in full here: David Yelland: My life as an alcoholic


7 thoughts on “David Yelland: My life as an alcoholic

  1. Addiction is so much more prevalent than we choose to see or recognize here is America. It is not just the obvious neighborhoods and people…Addiction has permeated every economic level, every type of individual, every age group. Most people would be amazed. It is time to provide help for this serious disease.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. The age profile is getting horrendously younger. Stories of addicts used to be of strangers and nameless people, now it could be someone just next to you. Cendana has given a remarkable insight into the life of one, and I must say his courage and determination to rebuild a new and better life, puts shame to a lot of the so-called normal and “decent” people

    • An Nisaa – Thank you very much for these encouraging words. But, again, you’ve placed me too high as regards to my courage and determination. I’m quite shaky, really..it’s just that, I keep on going.

      For this, I’m going to mention this yet again although most people already know – I’m blessed to have the support and help of a few very important people. My parents; I’m grateful to Allah they had always been there for me. And David.. can’t mention more, sorry. He wishes that I not mention anything about him; something that I must respect.

      And Sherry – which automatically includes her husband Nazmi too, for without his consent, there won’t be anything. I don’t remember how many times she has been there when I could have spiraled away.

      Only last Thursday, Friday, Saturday… I had tried to imagine she wasn’t there to help put things in perspective, verify situations, giving strength to me to get up again. I’m grateful to God that this isn’t the same as my previous situation some years ago – I was alone, without anyone..times when I might have disappeared from this world, and nobody would have known or cared…

  3. Very scarry indeed this so called alcohol addiction!I met an old woman whose husband died many years ago .He was an alcohol addict.She looked very unhappy when telling about her alcoholic husband!

  4. In the U.S. we tend to want to think that alcoholics live on the streets and dirty and under clothed. Not so of me for many years. Eventually I hit some very tough times but never wound up the way the U.S. seems to think drunks.

    Very brave of the man to come forward.

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