Why I started this weblog & What it’ll be about

[This was previously a ‘Post”. But  posts tend to get buried over time. So  I’ve changed this into a Page since I hope readers here will also refer to it after reading the first one, that is the Main Page]

This is the first post in the blog, which is started today, 13 Aug 2008. By sheer coincidence, this is also the anniversary of my being detained and arrested in 2005!… the start of what was to become a memorable journey where I was given the chance to live life again.

After a while, when more posts are added, new readers might not understand the reasons why I had started this, and what my intentions are.

As such, please refer to the first note (or link to it) in the left column. Actually, I had written that first instead of this post.

This will basically be in English, but I will also write in Malay (or Bahasa Malaysia). That’s because I’m in Malaysia; and I hope those who are more comfortable reading – and especially writing in – Malay will do so here.

Blog ini akan turut menggunakan BAHASA MALAYSIA. Saudara-Saudari yang ingin menulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia ADALAH DI GALAK BERBUAT DEMIKIAN.

By the way, I’d like to mention here that I had wanted to start a blog since almost a couple of years ago (ever since I was released from the government drug rehabilitation centre of Pusat Serenti Gambang in Kuantan, Pahang (Malaysia) in December 2006. But I kept putting it off. Or had to.

Besides my habit of procrastinating, another major reason was I did not have a computer. Even if I did, I also did not have a phoneline to enable Internet access. For most of you folks, there is no big deal in getting these two things … a computer costs `only’ around RM2,000 (app US$ 600). And an Internet connection would set you off by another RM1,000 (US$ 300), perhaps.

But cost is an extremely major problem for me. Despite being “great” physically and mentally after the stay in the centre, I was without work. And no work, of course, means no money … which in turn means the inability to do much about finding work. It was a vicious and frustrating loop.

But thanks to the help of my family – Abah (my father) and Kak (elder sister) especially – I obtained both these things.

And then there was the unending help from a friend – an American whom I’ve known through the Internet since early 1999, whom I’ve been blessed by God to know – David R. He has always been there for me, during the darkest days; and despite “knowing about my faults”. I will write more about this magnificent person in the future.

Last but not least: I was finally spurred into starting this blog after reading the one by Engku Emran. Readersfrom Malaysia would know who he is. Besides being the chief executive officer of radio station Suria FM, he is also the husband of Erra Fazira – a former “Miss Malaysia” who is now an actress, a singer and model.

You might be puzzled as to why I’m reading the blogs of celebrities. I say, “Why not?! Please remember, and take into consideration, that recovering addicts are people too – just like everyone else. We have the same feelings as you (if you aren’t one), we hurt just like you, we have hopes just like you…

Bloggers United
Bloggers United



In Engku Emran’s case, I have my own special reasons for following his life. If you’re interested to know, I had written a comment about it in his blog … the one by Mart Anon.

*** 2 Sept 08 Addition [Post “Rocky Bru-ed”, where Ahirudin Attan started a post about this blog and drove TONS of hits … which makes me nervous actually:-) ]:

Some of you might be wondering why I had not included links to the well-known `local’ blogs and websites like Rocky’s Bru, Tun Dr Mahathir, Susan Loone, Jeff Ooi, Anil Netto, Malaysia Today, AgendaDaily, M. Bakri Musa etc. My reason is this: Politics tends to be a divisive element; while recovery from drug or/and alcohol abuse and addiction should strive to be inclusive.

It doesn’t matter what nationality you are; what religion or race, or your political affiliation: If you or your loved one is involved in drugs or on the road towards recovery, our pains, our joys and our hopes ARE THE SAME. If you are a Malay and Muslim, rest assured that the guy (or gal) who is Chinese and Buddhist suffer and feel the same too… What is there, really, between us all?

But make no mistake that I’m apolitical or impartial to the political parties and issues – far from it! It is after all a part of our daily life. And the fact is that I frequently go to all of the above sites – and more – and quite often am involved in the discussions too. Or at the very least, I read many of the posts and comments (I also follow the coming US presidential elections BTW).


I've been taken to courts too...

And I’m also a fan of Rocky (Ahirudin) (and M. Bakri Musa too) – a former editor of the Malay Mail,  who – with Jeff Ooi (now the Jelutong member of parliament) – are being sued by the NSTP media group (of which the Malay Mail was one of its companies). If you follow his blog, his writings reveal one thing with consistency – he is fair. Or at least, always makes a sincere effort to be so. Disagree with me if you like, but one will be hard put to find a significant  number of people who’ll say otherwise.


I don’t want to say anything about this case here – not for fear of avoiding things like “subjudice” or whatever, but because I want to keep clear of such stuff in this particular blog where the theme is “Recovery from addiction”, particularly drugs. But it should be obvious on whose side I’m with here (BTW I had read a lot, including `various materials’ on this ever since I got my own Internet connection from home in mid-July).

And anyway, as to my not putting ther links here – they don’t need me! Maybe there are a few “strays” from overseas who might find the links useful. But the rest of you folks – most have been on the Internet longer than me – already know about them and their sites, so that relieves me from `helping them’:-)

4 thoughts on “Why I started this weblog & What it’ll be about

  1. Salaam en.Mat,

    good blog and effort u have here. got the link from my cousin, Azhar.. and i’m looking fwd for more posting bout things u wanna share.

    Selamat Berpuasa and may Allah bless you and family always.

  2. lupa to add, i follow the political scene from time to time but try to keep my own blog from linking their’s directly to mine..as my earlier purpose of blogging is to keep track og life journal, photography n family alone. my political believe is for my own judgement only, and rather not to share it..

    tapi ada juga la tempias2 sket.. what to do.

    again, keep up the good work.

  3. Hello kawan,

    Read your blog 2 days ago and kept coming back to reread !. Interesting write-up and you remind me of my late brother, he died way back in 1983 after an accident but as always he was always high.
    Another brother-in-law also Mr High type was in the same shoe like you, smart but caught in the high club. As such your advise and stories sounds very similar to both of my late brothers.
    Thanks for sharing your life with all of us, do write more and am sure it will help others to appreciate and understand life better too. You are Mr Inspirator as far as am concern.
    Capt (pirates of kapas island – my stupid blog if u are interested)

  4. @Capt
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    “stupid blog” – NO. Nothing that someone finds the time to do something with isn’t stupid. BTW it’s good that Rocky’s Bru had also included your blog in the “Bloggers against IJN” post.

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