Rise of The Undead

Knowing when to walk away is wisdom. Being able to is courage. Walking away, with your head held high is dignity.
— Unknown

Actually, the above quote doesn’t really have anything much to do with this post. Or maybe it does. The truth is, I don’t really know what to write and had simply pasted this quote just to start this post.

It’s Wednesday, May 6 and I’m determined to update this blog, as with many others at Sentraal Station. Like them, this blog was first dormant… and then practically abandoned. The last post was… almost two years ago! How time flies. And how could I have just stopped writing posts here when it was one of the most important activities previously?

But everyone knows the answer, don’t we? It’s mostly due to Facebook. As with the other bloggers, we had moved on to that social network platform and it was at the expense of blogging. Was it good, or was it bad? I can’t say – both, probably.

I do intend to write new posts here – REAL ones, and not like this one. However, that will have to be another time because I don’t know what to write right now. Hopefully, it will be “soon”; as in “within this month”, and not later this year. Or longer. For now, this post is sort of a Statement of Intent – I hope to do something useful with this blog. What, I’ll figure out later.

6 thoughts on “Rise of The Undead

  1. This blog has been a crucial contributor to my life, especially in the therapeutic aspect. There were a lot of things that I needed to bring out so as to come to terms with myself/i> — I couldn’t just “forget about these”. I needed to look back at things honestly and sincerely for what they were. Only then could I move on.

    And I did, thanks to something which I had never expected when I started writing — all those precious people who had helped to encourage me to move on to the next stage of life. With a few, their help had been immense. Whenever I’d pause and reflect, I’d be humbled and in gratitude – without Sherry Nor Jannah and, of course, my wife Aniza, I believe many, if not most, of the good and great things that I have experienced since then would not have come about.

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