David Yelland: My life as an alcoholic

I had just seen this article in The Observer as titled above and feel that it should be shared here. [Quote from Observer]”He was the editor of the Sun and one of the most influential people in Britain. He was also drunk – every night for 24 years. David Yelland recalls the lowest point of his life, and the long road to recovery.”

There are a lot of similarities between alcohol addiction and drug addiction. And differences too; like alcohol being legally (usually) and easily available. In this sense, the alcoholic doesn’t live in fear of being picked up and have his urine tested, detained and charged in court.

And Yelland… despite his addiction, saw his career rise and rise. This is so unlike someone addicted to drugs, which tend to go the opposite direction. Could the matter of one substance being legal but not the other be a factor in this major difference?

Pix from Observer


“When I went out and disgraced myself in public – as I did many times – I could silence the diary columns by calling a fellow editor. There are stories I could tell that you wouldn’t believe. I was untouchable. I was cocooned and protected, a “made man”, an unelected member of a tiny elite that runs the country and never has to pay a price.”

Read the article in full here: David Yelland: My life as an alcoholic