Just for Today – Rahim Pendamai & Facebook

Early this month, I received  an email notification from Facebook about someone named Abdulrahim Hj Abdul Rahman wanting to add me as a Friend. Whenever the name of `Rahim’ is mentioned over the years, these people would flash into my mind:

1) Rahim Razali – The US-trained architect who turned into one of the most well-known household names in Malaysia through his involvement in television. Besides countless TV  dramas and films, Rahim Razali is the local prototype of what a sports commentator is. By the way, I’m mentioning this for the benefit of David – if you are Malaysian and you don’t know Rahim Razali, please migrate soonest. [With this kind of rudeness, it’s apparent that Mat Cendana is writing this post and not Cendana287]

mmail njahmad2

2) Tan Sri Rahim Noor of  “Black Eyed Peas”; similar to this Malay Mail report. By the way, there’s a strong possibility that the report’s writer might resurface in the near future.


3) Arwah Rahim  of Muar – a Roche (valium) addict who was also an inmate at Pusat Pertolongan Batu Gajah in 1978. He was around 25 then. A few years later, I was shocked to read a news report about a policeman in Muar being charged after a theft suspect died at the police-station’s lockup. There was the addition of the uncommon “Kutty” in the name.

And then there was someone whom I had known during that very important period in my life when I was at Pusat Serenti Gambang. The link led to his Facebook profile; and the photo immediately confirmed it — RahimPendamai-n100000773560616_1491– yes, it is “Rahim Pendamai/Rahim PRS” in Kuantan!

NOTE: This is probably just a quarter of what I want to write. However, I’m too tired to continue. But instead of saving this post and to continue tomorrow, I’m posting this incomplete version right now. The main reason is that there are quite a few people who are expecting a new post today (Wednesday 24/3). They will be disappointed when they see there’s none, and I’ll feel bad about this.

And I might not be able to immediately continue writing this when I wake up because there are other things that I must also do. The most urgent are three articles to edit, plus to write a 700-word article for the educational publication I’ve been working with since Dec 2008.

Then there’s a new project – “media, technology, internet-related” – that I’m pursuing and has almost officially landed.  And that matter in the Update above…?something that Elviza is making sure that I’ll make a serious and honest effort towards making into a reality.  [Will continue `soon’]


6 thoughts on “Just for Today – Rahim Pendamai & Facebook

    • Ija,
      Yes, VERY… This is made worse by my poor discipline – I have the tendency to waste time engaging in unproductive activities. Like last night; went to Rocky’s Bru … and purposely picking fights by leaving provocative comments. Maybe kena cabut USB modem semasa buat kerja; jangan visit apa-apa site sekali pun.

  1. oi bro ( cikgu ), i’m happened to be somewhere that just carry the recovery message. i’m just an ordinary person as u r. just wanna give away what i have …
    nothing special to talk ’bout.
    i’m just a person that really wanna changes & living live in the life term .
    actually u r among bunch of special friends at pkaadk that helps me a lot in my recovery.
    even after more than 10 yrs recovey periods i still needs support. thank u for being with me for my recovery.

    i’m not working with aadk phg or pkaadk ktn now. i’m on my own biz, greatfull that god sent u to be my friend …


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