Mosquito Attack!

Stegomyia aegypti (formerly Aedes aegypti) mos...
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I’m writing a much-delayed new post right now, in continuing from the last post of In the Name of the Father. However, there’s an invasion of hardy mosquitoes that’s interrupting it.

This species doesn’t seem to be affected by fumes from the mosquito coil! And spraying is only a temporary relief. My hands and legs are really itchy right now. Will move this laptop to under the mosquito net and type on the mattress. I just hope I don’t fall asleep before this is completed:-)

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4 thoughts on “Mosquito Attack!

  1. very simple word but got full meaning… ini catatan dari Bonda… Si suami merenung lesu kewajah isteri.. terkaku dan terkedu tanpa terduga isterinya membuka rahsia yang tidak terahsiakan lagi.. nak di katakan suami kurang pengetahuan.. usianya dah seusia Malaysia merdeka.. nak di kata kurang pengalaman.. ini pernikahanya yang ke3.. akhirnya terhambur patah-patah ungkapan.. ‘saya tidak lagi merasa puas bonda’..

    • Haha! I got sidetracked again. Okay, I’d better go and write it right now, else it’ll be weeks before it gets done. I hope I won’t get interrupted – if it’s not in later today, then you can assume that I was.

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