The Magical Day of April 15

Where do I begin? Sounds like the song by Andy Williams… I’m trying to start a post here but I don’t know what to write about – there are just so many things that I want to say. By the way, the last post is rather sharply worded and is not mean for general consumption; which is why I had set a password.

I had suffered from a rather severe bout of asthma and fever since Friday morning, and the medication made me a bit delirious. I’m fit enough to sit at the desk and catch up with work plus email over the past three days. A message from here caught my eyes straight away – and reading the comment at the Stargazer post on May 24 left me stunned and depressed. Like the writer “bed”, I hope someone will tell us that it’s not true.

And while writing this, I received an SMS from Elviza about someone being hospitalised – nothing too serious. Well, I’ll have to start somewhere so, for the time being, I’ll just continue from the last post – this one being the sanitised version. By the way, if I “sound odd”, it might be because of the medication – I have to down a clutch of pills, plus take in the asthma inhaler.

A divorce after 25 years and with four children in the picture: How many people do you know have a similar record? And how about this: Would you believe that there are people who actually want me to slide back down the road of drug addiction?… that there are people who are silently incensed that I “seem to have it easy, with things going my way”? No, this isn’t paranoia – I have the evidence to show. But I’ll just stick to the Syariah court thing first, and then connect it with the second. Maybe… because I don’t know what this post will lead to.

A divorce – I kept wondering (note that I’m consciously using the past tense) about the timing: it could have very easily happened when I was in prison from August 2005, and at Pusat Serenti Gambang from November 2005 until mid-December 2006. But it didn’t – it only happened now. Why now??…coming at a time when I was/am actually in the best position for at least 15 years! There’s a lesson in this somewhere.

At Gambang, I know of two fellow inmates who went through this ordeal. The first was a retired army officer the same age as me from Maran (and, like me, his children were doing well in their studies too, thanks to the mothers). There was another – 302/05 “Syed”, a labourer from Bunut Susu, Pasir Mas. He was in his early 40’s/late 30’s and was in the same Room 8 of the dreadful Pengkalan Chepa prison. About a month at Gambang, “the letter” came for him – his wife had filed for a divorce under “Fasakh” (“Abandonment”? Or does anyone know the accurate term; for the benefit of non-Muslims). It was precisely the same thing that had weighed heavily on my mind.

On the day before the hearing, he was taken to Pasir Mas and spent the night at the police lockup. The escort was a Pusat Ustaz (both Ustaz Zulfifli and Ustaz Jumaidy are excellent people, I should add). Well, he didn’t contest it – unlike me – and the matter was settled on that day. Anyway, I kept thinking about it during my 13 months at Gambang (and the three months in prison); wondering “when my turn will be”. It never came – at least not then.

raya2008 Mine came just a couple of months before I started this blog last year. And when it did, I had resolved to fight it all the way, every inch. It was during the time after the first hearing that I came to know of these two magnificent people – Sharifah Nor Jannah and Nazmi – who were privy to all the details, and were with me until the last.

And then came a few precious others – from this blog and also from Facebook. God knows how I might have handled the whole thing had I been alone! This thought came to my mind during the darkest moments – perhaps this is why it had happened now, and not before… God knew I might have handled it differently had it happened when I was at Gambang(?)

About that inmate “Syed” – He said he’s “okay”, but he never was. He gradually gave up regular prayers after that. And ever since the transfer to the permanent hostel (his was “Jati” – Teak), he was often among the undisciplined – samsu (moonshine) and inhaling thinner. I kept thinking that I could have easily gone down that road too…

Anyway, I’m not going to say anything bad about my former wife. After all, she is the mother of my four children; and I have learned quite a few things from the people here – Sherry, Shakirah, Zura, Tehsin, Zara, Elviza, Datin Mamasita, Sheila and someone from Facebook who shall remain anonymous: I owe it to them that I’m not spiteful right now.

there_will_be_blood_01 However, I don’t owe any obligations to others though… To make a long story short, I saw what deceit was during a session on March 25. A case that was largely in my favour was in jeopardy because of the connivance of a few monkeys – and I have written, spoken and anecdotal proof of this [guess what my wife told me later on]. And thanks to a lawyer who had helped with the technical aspects, the next hearing was going to be something like the movie title, There Will Be Blood

CAPTION: No, that’s not Daniel Day-Lewis. Or Cendana287. It was Mat Cendana thinking about how to make the court session a fiery affair.

Wednesday April 15: This was supposed to be the day when I made an appeal against a decision by the court on March 25. It would also have been a day of retribution. BTW this is one of my negative aspects – the `do at all costs even if it hurts me’. I knew that I might be held for contempt of court, but I was going ahead regardless. I’ve been in prison twice, so what’s a third time?…

But something from Shakirah around April 6; and a new friend, Zura a few days before the session. made me change my mind. Not only that, I decided to go all the way and also do “what’s right”.

And for every decision, Sherry was always in the know. I have to mention this – she’s a lot like David in that they’d never dump unsolicited advice… although Sherry would not hesitate to do so when she sensed “she must”. Paradoxically, the less one advices, the more powerful and influential s/he is! And it’s often the other way too – at least with me. But that’s how influential these three were; reversing what I had intended to do and guided me towards things that I would never have done had I been alone. And I’m so glad “for losing”!

There were the others too (Apologies if I fail to mention you – I might remember later): Quite close to the hearing, Elviza sent some messages that perked me up. So did Tehsin. And satD. And at 4AM Wed, April 15, an email message arrived all the way from New York – Mekyam added to the encouragement. I had earlier told her what I was going to do; and how the others had influenced and guided me. And she had this to say, among other things (I hope Mekyam won’t mind my pasting this without asking her permission first):

the best retaliation to anyone/anything in society that makes us feel less than we should is to succeed in spite of and to think the best of yourself all the time.

And guess what happened on that day? I was there first – only to be told that it was postponed to April 26. While waiting outside and sending a few SMSes, my wife arrived. I told her, nicely, that the hearing has been postponed. She didn’t reply. When she came outside, I mentioned something that must have jolted her: “I’m going to make it easy for you – there won’t be an appeal against the last decision. In fact, I’m going to just grant whatever you ask.”

It took her a few seconds to respond. It was something she didn’t expect. But this, being a proud woman, just wouldn’t show her real emotions. However, there was an immediate change – she could now unburden her troubles to me without feeling `weak’. It must have been a relief for her – she told me that our youngest son was accepted to a MARA PolyTech for a diploma course! “You’ll have to help him for the three years… it requires a lot of money.”

Now that was a nice surprise. Our youngest – this is the same sweet, kind-hearted boy I had sent the RM50 to in Nov 2006 from Kuantan. He’s also a slow learner, unlike his sisters. But I knew something from very early on – if he’s interested in something, he’ll do very well… and his interest was/is the computer. This is someone who could install programs and understood the concept of folders when he was in Standard One. And showed me that you can import Excel tables to Word when in Std Two (he’d just click around until something happened). Despite his rather poor SPM results, he had obtained a good-enough grade for the subject of Multimedia – and that’s what he has been chosen for at PolyTech. I was so happy but, like my wife, pretended to be emotionless… There is justice in this world after all – Of course I’ll do my best for him!

My wife decided to push her luck – she knew enough about me, I suppose. She mentioned our eldest daughter in teachers’ training college, who’s doing a degree: “Now that you’re working, can you allocate RMxxx a month for her?… until the end of 2010”.

That was a magical moment – 10 years of tension melted away just like that! We walked side by side from the court to the town centre, talking and discussing as if there were no problems between us; the common thread being “What can we do to help our children?” I even thought about asking her to have breakfast with me. But she remembered something – she had asked for the date to be set for May 6 instead, and it had to be confirmed. So she went back, insisting that I go on ahead.

I had SMS to Sherry, Shakirah and Zura about it while having breakfast. When I went to see my youngest son, my wife was already at home. I even got a durian and a few sweet mangoes – it was given by my youngest, of course, who mumbled something about “his grandmother” giving it to me. Well, whatever – but I did hear my wife calling him to the kitchen prior to that.

Beginning from that day, I was obsessed with one thing – how to help ensure that my son would be able to go to college. A divorce? Okay – I discovered that I didn’t “lose” as I had previously feared.

NEXT POST: A Happy Divorce to You?


24 thoughts on “The Magical Day of April 15

  1. I hate typing from the bberry, can’t type long – it hurts my fingers.

    You, encik, have made me cried on Tuesday morning. I got the sms last night but they injected so much drugs in me I could barely hold my eyes opened.

    I have been wondering the detail of this and you wrote it so well.

    Of course the compliments concerning me are unfounded. I just like to stalk you, that’s all. Hehehehe.

    Now let me rest and hope this excrutiating pain will go away.

    Wish I have a magic wand like Potter and Hermione Granger!

  2. Bro

    You are a brave soul. I wish only the best of everything for you. It must not be easy to overcome all the challenges that you are facing. But, the fact that you are dealing with the things that come up one step at a time, I know you are on the right track. Take it one day at a time. You are someone that I admire tremendously.

  3. Thank you for this post Mat. I had been looking forward to read about your court hearings and I’m glad that in the end it had turned out amicably for you and your wife and the children.

  4. Replies from below and up.
    I knew I had left a few names the minute I saw your comment. But never mind, I’ll mention it here – that’s what the Comment section is for, I suppose.

    Soon after the March 25 hearing, I stumbled onto your blog, which led me to the other – there was a Quranic verse that was immediately relevant to my situation… something about “people who hide the truth“. This was one point that I had intended to use on April 15.

    If someone instigates me enough, I’ll provide all the gory details, point by point, bit by bit of what had transpired; plus a flow chart. For the time being, I’ll just relate things in a general way.

    Even before that day, I saw what some “Lebai” types really are. Regardless of what titles they might hold (Ustaz, Haji, Sheik, Imam), and regardless of which “pondok” they go to, how many kitabs they have in their cabinets and the colour of their kupiah, some of these people are just plain skunks.

    Folks, I have a lot more respect for many of the inmates I’ve known at Pusat Serenti Gambang than some of the lebai, imam or whatever that I have seen first-hand.

    To make it worse, they are people who should know about “this and that” concerning religion; so when principles are contravened, there’s only one thing to be said about such people – hypocrites… Munafik. I hope someone will push me hard enough; challenge me perhaps… so that I’ll provide NAMES and the exact nature of their transgressions.

    And what about one Lebai who spreaded LIES?… of purposely not verifying claims against me when this could have so easily been done? Well, it’s solely because this monkey wanted it to be accepted as a FACT – seeking clarifications about it would mean it has to be dumped… because it’s FALSE! But the monkey not only ignored this basic tenet of justice – he also gleefully whispered the lies far and wide… Isn’t this “fitnah”?

    But who cares, for the lies will be believed. After all, it’s the words of “the lebai” against “someone who was in a pusat and prison”… and knowing the latter won’t even have the chance to defend himself. Isn’t this “deceit”?

    And would you believe it, I actually have MORE? But another time.

  5. @Zendra & All
    I’m sorry for being so harsh with the comment above. This blog is special to me – a place for ALL, with no regards for things like nationality, race, religion and whatever else. It’s a place where I hope “to keep alive that Cendana287 person I found in Gambang and would love to be until I die”. Nastiness isn’t him…

    However, I don’t know how else to describe what I had felt prior to the April 15 hearing… especially after the indignation felt from the March 25 hearing. Only then will you folks understand how BIG a part those precious people had played in persuading me towards my actions.

    I’ll always remember the scenes – especially after the hearing… of a chimp walking out self-importantly with a smirk; of “succeeding in doing Mat Cendana in” with half-truths, hiding truths, selectiveness…

    Ah, a heroic lebai, pillar of society, who had boasted “he’ll take care of me should I try anything” (maybe my wife is lying ya?)…but too cowardly to even meet my stare – that of a physically thin and frail-looking `addict’.

    Physically, I was alone during all the hearings – from Day One. Sherry and Nazmi had mentioned about wanting to be there with me – at least once – to lend support. And I know they meant it. But I’d never have that – a high-ranking civil servant coming with her husband from Kuantan just for this. No, the sincere support they had given was more than enough.

    Honestly, I’m stating this – I never felt alone, NEVER… I could feel their spiritual presence, and that of some of you here:-)

  6. Dearest MC,

    Relax.. breathe.. count 10 – 1.. You must always remember this, for who ever called themselves (Ustaz, Haji, Sheik, Imam) they are still human. They will tend to do mistakes which they believe they are correct. I know it is hard to be dumb, blind and deft, but at this point of time, let it be. I always believe in this, what comes around, goes around.
    Always remember this… ALLAH MAHA KAYA…

    p.s. I managed to make Dafeena hum you’ll never walk alone… maybe i should dedicate that song to you.. know that you’ll never walk alone…:-)ever..

  7. Dear Mat, I would normally say “spare me the gory details”, but in this case, you’ve sparked my curiosity enough to want to learn something about it. So, shoot and give it to us then. I’d probably read it with one eye closed and my heart beating furiously: rage does that to me :-)

    Re the said ustaz’s id – maybe just a play on the name will do?

  8. @Fauziah Ismail
    “A divorce is never easy but you made it seemed so.”

    You’re absolutely right about the first part. The second one – I don’t know. Really. Do I? Maybe. Now I’m unsure… :-)

    But in my case, I think there were some factors that were peculiar from “ordinary people” (not that I feel I’m “special”, no – it’s “different” as in `alien’).

    The previous record of addiction had actually helped – whenever I feel the ex had wronged me, remembrance of what I once was is enough to make me humble. I just imagined myself in her place, and within five seconds I’d agree with her.

    The only thing that I had difficulty to deal with is of the “Why NOW?” and not then when I fully deserved to be treated in any way.

    The period in that sacred place of Pusat Serenti Gambang, plus experiences shared by others in the Narcotics Anonymous fellowship – I’m grateful for these. “Being sent to pusat; incarcerated??” YES – Thank you, God for this one. Among other things, I can accept what happened/happens to me – the “Living life on Life’s terms”. I’ll try to explain another time.

  9. @Zendra
    Oh no, now I’m split in between with two people indicating two rather different things… What should I do now?

    It’s quite fortunate that I have to get back to editing something for the educational magazine and complete it before 5PM – plus two articles to be completed by tomorrow. Why fortunate? Because that’s my excuse to Zendra for not obliging her right now Haha!

    Nor, the “Allah Maha Kaya”, I don’t doubt and am not questioning. But not the actions of these people – these weren’t mistakes but “malicious”. Hmm, looks like I’ll have to oblige Zendra after all. I’ll give just one example and you just decide for yourself. And I’m taking an oath here that EVERYTHING I mention below is true and accurate as far as I got to know it:

    `Someone’ had come up with this: “Mat often goes out to town when it’s near dark…”

    Now, that’s something aimed to infer something – you folks know what it is, right?… that this Mat “has a drug abuse record, was in prison before, pusat too…” Plus “many pusat inmates often relapse…”

    Yes, that’s what some lebai and pillars of society set out to do – wanting doubts to be created towards me, suspicions… scorn, hatred even:

    1) “Why does he often need to go to town?” 2) “Why near dusk?”

    The hoped-for answers in the minds of those they want to poison and influence are these: 1) “Mat is looking for something everyday… What?” 2) “Near dusk… Why? So people will not see or recognise him? Why? Only people doing illegal things would do that…”

    Ah, we’re getting closer now to what the kupiah-wearing (automatically my ex is NOT implicated) monkey/s want the listener to conclude: “He appears to be pulled by something, compulsive. Addiction?… to drugs, since he simply must go to town… and not be recognised. Mat is on drugs.”

    And the monkey/s smirked, feeling triumphant in leading people towards this conclusion. Many would…

    Did anyone ask me about this? NO…

    Well, ask them about this one and the most likely excuse would be: “No point asking – he will surely lie.”…

    …Because Mat doesn’t wear a kupiah at home or when attending court, nor have a Baju Melayu/Pakistan/dakwah-type shirt, nor attended Pondok school, can’t really read Jawi, doesn’t have a tasbih in hand or pocket, doesn’t include variants of “-llah” often when talking, doesn’t quote quranic verses or hadiths; and doesn’t have copper etchings or pictures of Arabic art on his walls, nor cabinets full of red-covered kitabs like you monkeys?… So, it’s safe to conclude that Mat will lie.

    Let’s see it again: “Mat often goes out to town when it’s near dark…”

    Okay, what if I do? And I have a valid reason too: I HAVE TO EAT. Or is this not good enough?…that only monkeys eat?…and Mat should just go hungry.

    Plausible, right? Of course – unless one has a stinking “hati busuk” that wants to believe only evil things.

    But the problem is… I DON’T OFTEN GO TO TOWN TOWARDS DUSK! In fact, I RARELY go to town – OR EVEN OUT OF THIS HOUSE!

    The reason? Transportation – It’s difficult to come back when it’s dark. And the monkeys know this, plus the fact that I don’t have a car or motorbike.

    What about food? I stock on oats and bread. Yup, morning, noon, afternoon and night – oats and bread. And only when I go to town – every 5 days or so – would I eat rice. Sherry had to persuade and plead to get me to go – ask her. (Now I get my son to buy at the kampung – haven’t been to town for 10 days).

    “So that people won’t recognise; doing illegal things when dark”… By that line of thinking, I suppose the monkeys also conclude that “crimes don’t happen during daylight… because people can see”. Maybe that’s the reason these monkeys wear a kupiah – to try keep in whatever intelligence is left inside their tiny brains most likely.

    Yup, the monkeys need only to ask. BUT THEY DIDN’T. In fact, one monkey replied this when I confronted him at the court: “It’s not required by law that I ask you!” Amboiii… berok ni pandai kecek hal undang-undang ye!… Ada syllabus kat pondok kot?

    And the most malicious and cowardly monkey went further – whispered to those who cared to listen about his “discovery of Mat often going to town near dusk!”. What can you say about this – “mistake” by him? Or what?

    Never mind – his skills here in discovering and reporting… maybe CNN or New York Times will pick him as their reporter for Kelantan. Fine picture here – a monkey with a kupiah and a camera in tow, proudly wearing a NY Times ID clipped to his shirt pocket…

    • Whoa Mat, now I understand why you are so mad. That person had stooped so low as to plant seeds of doubt about your post-Gambang character! I know nothing about court procedures beyond Hollywood movies but how come nobody objected or the hakim didn’t caution him or question you further?

      Anyways don’t bother replying if you’re too bogged down. But it’s nice to know that this blog is still alive and well, and you too off course.

  10. @Distractor
    By the way, Nor – Malam ni European League final between the great and glorious Manchester United and Liverp… oops, Barcelona: I know you will SECRETLY support MU.. because you like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Carrick (ex-apa ye?) Takpa, tak payah malu-malu heheh!

  11. @de minimis
    Only now am I able to reply to your comment. Actually, I had seen it (and Elviza’s) five minutes after they were sent.

    I have to tell you that your evaluation of me is too generous. And this isn’t false modesty. “brave”… we all are. But there are areas where we are cowards. And in some areas, it’s actually “recklessness, foolhardy”. I’ve had more than my share – things that will later hurt yourself.

    “…someone admired tremendously.” Good gosh! the admire is already surprising. And the adverb – are you at the wrong blog?…opened a few tabs in the browser and written that in the wrong Comment box?:-)

    Oh, my my… In truth, it’s *you* who are worthy of all these, seriously. The matter of the “Satu Sekolah” – I was astounded by your post. Now that is “brave”, because for sure you’ll get hammered for “not toeing the line”.

    And it’s very significant in bringing about immediate and future positive results and responses. And prevented some negative ones – you might not realise or know how to quantify it.

    Let’s just take myself, for I can’t really speak for others – When you came out with that, and no matter how much or many others that came in “the opposite way”, I had to make a significant change in my own perception and planned responses. That was something which gladdens my heart and which made me a lot more optimistic and hopeful than my previous “apocalypse future” thinking. Yup, from you – all of one person!

    BTW there was something that had struck my mind some time ago when I saw your CV – Had I not gotten into “some stupidity”, we might have been course mates at UM… possibly same intake too. I was on my way to that; that’s what some relatives had predicted. Well…

  12. @Zendra
    Phew! It’s fortunate that you provided the relief of “too bogged down” like Monopoly’s “Get out of jail” card, which I’m forced to utilise right now. It’s THURSDAY…

    No worries; I think I have your email address, and Twitter’s. Have to get back to the work (Not complaining – I’m grateful that I’m busy, can’t go to sleep, or answer this comment now or go pick fights at Rocky’s Bru as amusement… grateful for these jobs)

  13. Salam Bang Mad :)

    A bit late in commenting this post. Anyway, glad that you had a smooth way out in the end as to the court sessions and glad that you are in good terms with the ex.

    I’ve seen some nasty remarks thrown by both sides during the process of divorce, but in the end, they get what they want albeit having to go through a lot of ups and downs, but one thing that I always told the clients is to really sieve thru the matter for the sake of the children. But I salute those who can put behind their ‘tantrums’ and move forward for the sake of the children + the new life. I can see that in you. Thank you :)

    ps: I think I will be ready in 2 weeks time, for the collaboration post. Will catch up with you then. Have a nice day, Bang Mad.

  14. @zara
    It doesn’t matter whether I’m busy or not, but it’s zara… “Special Status”… like Arep, Ted Baker, Lady M. No complaints about this apparent `favouritism’, please – this is one of my two lawyers:-) Wah, bunyi macam orang kaya-kaya pulak.

    Speaking of lawyers, after Elviza and de minimis had sent their comments, I had thought, “Would be something if zara follows suit – three lawyers in a row!”…And this post could be regarded as “written by a somewhat-lawyer too”:-) Because I could/should have been one had I kept to the straight and narrow after Form 5… and made my father happy because that was what he had cherished: “Elder sister a doctor (accomplished), youngest an accountant or professor (yes too), the only son a lawyer; entering politics (Umno, of course) and rise.”

    The dreams of a father, who had worked hard to provide the material support by sacrificing… I had hurt him, shattered his dreams, brought anguish, shame… Alhamdulillah he’s still alive and I “can do something”. I will.

    Anyway, as I had mentioned, you have done a lot for me, zara. I feel quite ashamed about the time that I had taken from you, really. Terasa malu pulak; fearing I’ve become self-centred. I hope not… I’m waiting and waiting to know what I can do. There must surely be a situation where I might be able to be the “giver” this time after receiving so much from you. Maybe you’d want someone to write a rude, harsh and sharp comment at some idiot’s blog, who had offended you? I think I can do that!:-)

    That “I can see that in you” that you had written – I’m hopeful, zara… *hope* so. I’d feel ashamed and can’t face you should I be like some of the “not classy, mature” people whom you must surely have come across in court. No, the “Thank you” is from me.

    I’m happy to hear that project is still on:-) Would love to collaborate with you. And I’ll have to make sure it’s “Great” – “”Good” won’t be enough… I’m setting high standards for that one. We’ll figure out how to IM – my Yahoo Messenger is still problematic. But I’ve found something with Shakirah – Windows Messenger.NET. All computers have this one. Contact me of there’s anything, please (the Gmail address, preferably – I don’t check the Web-based Yahoo often).

  15. Hi Mat

    I think it’s beautiful how you and your (ex?)wife both have your children as the first thing on your minds. And I think it’s amazing that the both of you as parents place your children as your top priority, and everything else seems less important.

    I think the both of you are wonderful parents. Because even though things didn’t work out, you didn’t take it out on your children. And in the end, it seems that it did work out alright after all.

    Here’s wishing you all the best, Mat.

  16. @Michelle
    Now I’m blushing! You’ve made it sound like I’m such an exemplary father; like “someone of the television sitcoms”!… I might even get interviewed on TV3 and the BBC, and single women are going to harass me into a marriage! Haha! It’s not so cosy as you seem to imply here. There’s more – later. Or tomorrow. Rushing to meet a deadline right now. Please don’t tip-off the TV stations yet, ya?:-P

  17. Don’t give up on your drug addiction recovery! I’ve seen so many people get overcomed by drugs, and a lot more who got out of it! If ever you aren’t motivated, or you are just having a bad day, come and see my blog. It will get you inspired, I can guarantee it! Nice blog btw.

  18. salam abang mat. it’s been a while ya.. how are u? hope u r doing great. just wanna let u know that i’ll be leaving tawau soon.. starting august i’ll be working with R&D Department in Bangi.

    take care.

    • @arep
      Sorry for being a bit late with this reply. Your comment was from the afternoon of Friday, and I’m wondering how I could have failed to notice it until a few hours ago. Sorry I didn’t answer it immediately – had used up almost all of Sunday to sleep, and so I had a lot of work to catch up with.

      This is good news! You did mention about wanting to come back to the peninsular, didn’t you. Well, one more month and you’ll be back here. The good thing is that you’ll also have a lot of memories from the days in Tawau.

      Well, to make up for this late reply from me, I’ll write a new post right now. This is also for Zara, who had taken the trouble to send a message at Facebook just now inquiring how I am. It makes me feel guilty… And besides, it’s way due for a new post here, busy or not. So, if I miss any deadlines at work, well…

  19. I’ve only realised it: It’s been quite a long time since I last made a new post. Okay, will rectify that immediately – had started Windows Live Writer and am writing a new post… about my youngest son.

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