April 15, Youngest Son, David R

I have to write at least one new post, I know – quite a few very important things have happened since April 15. And that’s 12 days ago.

But I simply can’t right now, what with work tasks at hand and with people breathing down my neck waiting for their completion.

Actually, I also need to write a few comments at the blogs; including and especially at the Demi Negara post of  Losers’ Luncheon and a 3-in-1 Malaysia, at Mamasita Mamamia Whats up Doc?; not to mention at Sakmongkol AK47. To make things worse, I have a slight fever and asthma too…

And I have to write about something that happened just a couple of hours ago today – concerning David R in Seoul, Korea. I’m shaking my head, feeling so humbled and with some tears too of being blessed with knowing someone like him… and some of you too.

I’ll write when I have the chance…

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5 thoughts on “April 15, Youngest Son, David R

  1. Hi dear!!

    Aiyoohhh sakit kaa… must drink lots and lots of water la… remember our captain’s advise???

    MUST SLEEP AND REST!!! see.. capital letters lagi..

    Ok.. must not kacau you because definately you will be looking at your inbox.. don’t…

    now, go back and rest..

    p.s.Do u have your inhaler with you? AND AND AND pls cut down on the smoking.. it will help!!

  2. @Distractor
    I had seen Nor’s comment yesterday, towards Asar. But the fever had gotten bad – malu nak cakap but I’ll say it anyway: Ada terlintas `mati ke aku hari ni?’ Tapi kepala tetap dok focus yang ni – RESEARCH…berapa ratus RSS yang baca, berapa ratus Twitter feeds… kepala dok fikir macam-macam angle cerita. Hal global economics pun boleh dok fikirkan…

    I’m a bit better today. Trying to create a situation where I’ll have enough time AND the inclination to write about these. I don’t know how I’m going to include everything in one Post.

    BTW the issue with monkeys isn’t over yet… not when people `bawak mulut’ whispering things about me. And which are NOT true; or maliciously out of context! See?…can you folks really chide me for “insulting respectable people who wear kupiah”? “I should just Sabar, keep quiet…?” I can’t – not with people “who think they’re special”, “alim”, tapi hati busuk.

    Maybe these people don’t know what it’s called, when they whisper negative things about someone… which aren’t true?

  3. speedy recovery en. mat.

    thanks for the short note on FB.

    yes, i’ve been quiet from the cyberspace, due to piling workloads and adapting to new time schedule & place. been away on conventions, training etc.

    dont miss me too much. :) i’ll be busy for the rest of the year. i guess :)

    take care.

  4. Dear Mat,

    I hope you don’t put yourself under undue stress. Tends to make things worse when work starts piling up and you find yourself unable to decide which one to touch first. Fine of me to be telling you this; macamlah I am able to control a similar situation!

    Have been visiting your blog quite regularly but couldn’t find things to say to fit the ocassions.

    Anyway, take care and get well soon. These days you need to drink a lot of water too. :-)



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