Elviza’s with Malay Mail!

What a heart-thumping moment when I checked at today’s Malay MailElviza Michele Kamal of the Write Away blog is writing for this paper! Here’s the screenshot (click on it to be taken straight to her page at Malay Mail):


It’s in the OPINION section and is titled: ELVIZA: Technology’s eating away at courtesy. I presume it’s a weekly column; based on the fact that it’s called “Write Away” and has her picture in it. Then there’s the title – it starts with “ELVIZA”… My conclusion is, if it’s a one-off, ad hoc piece, all these elements would not be present at the same time. But I could be wrong, of course.

There were quite a few times when the Malay Mail was mentioned at her blog – starting with the post on Khairy Jamaludin winning the Umno Ketua Pemuda… Yes, March 26 – Ah, Khairy Jamaluddin. But I don’t know what the real connection is about these. Well, will have to ask her.

But Malay Mail, with Elviza!… I’d definitely, 100% sure, would rather spend the RM1 for the print version than read it on the laptop’s screen. Unfortunately, this paper doesn’t reach Kelantan…

CONGRATULATIONS MALAY MAIL – Yes, to the paper, not to Elviza. I don’t know how they had managed to persuade someone so busy. And I’m pretty sure Elviza wouldn’t be doing it for the money…


UPDATE 9PM: There’s an article in Malay Mail on Twitter High-pitched sweet tweets I see that Zendra (Kaizendra), Elviza, Azhar Abdullah (apanakdikata), ArahMan7, Mekyam are with Twitter accounts. It’s my 11th day, and I’ve learned so much! Plus with around 170 Followers too. But if you are just into it, you might be puzzled as to why I’m so enthusiastic. Well, take the time to LEARN… esp on the “Twitter Tools”.

You can use this post as a makeshift Helpdesk. If anyone wants a PDF file about Getting Started With Twitter,  email me or leave a message here (works out the same thing) – I’ll send you the file and a few helpful links. No, this isn’t “Something with mostly teenagers and young adults and the techie types”. You’ll be surprised how many are 35-above!Seeismic This isn’t like Facebook where it’s difficult to keep track if you have more than 100 friends – the tools like TweetDeck, Seeismic (what I use) have excellent filters and search functions. “Which is better – Facebook or Twitter?” Erm, why should you choose – use BOTH!

CAPTION: This is the Seesmic Desktop client I’m using, at half its size. When you start Following many people, you can create Groups or “Userlists”. The one on the right, “Home” has everyone’s Tweets. I’ve created 5 groups (for now).

On the left pane is one, titled “Helpful”; which suggests users who I think are just that, plus who often come up with useful tweets/posts (Never mind if they occasionally post trivia like “Having Maggi Kari for dinner” or “Bought two bottles of mineral water” – it’s also SOCIAL like Facebook).

They’d often come up with things like this: (David Williams) @AllBimmerDOTcom Just Unfollowed: “Twitter is all about me. I don’t care about you or what you have to say.” Tweet Spammer -BTW- He’s one of the guys who was very helpful when I first joined. Has an excellent blog too, which has a post of 50 Fabulous Twitter Tools! So, just start at this one first, folks.

Oh, tak ingat: Among the useful things that I also learned just a few hours ago are –

*Read this http://jijr.com/NL4 to discover the key to having an unbelievable presence around women *If you want to find the right woman then you must read this http://tinyurl.com/d648qdabout 6 *How important is Self Esteem when it comes to attracting women? Read this http://snipr.com/ebgsm

AND ALSO: @GWPStudio “When we are being compassionate, we consider another’s circumstance with love rather than judgement” [Strikingly similar with what Shakirah had mentioned to me a few times. And Zura too a few hours ago. Okay, I’ll do that on Wed, at the mahkamah, Insyaallah]…

***UPDATE WEDNESDAY 15 APRIL 3.38PM: I’ll definitely write a new post about it; what had happened today at the Mahkamah Syariah. And also around noon at home – SENSATIONAL! Boleh masuk “Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah”!

“What happened, Mat?”

Unfortunately, to quote a Pink Floyd song from the The Final Cut album, Not Now John – I’m too busy right now. Yes, yes – I know you’re now annoyed… “sebut, tapi tak nak cerita lagi! WHEN are you going to write it??… Near Raya Aidilfitri ke!?” As soon as I can. However, I had SMS a few people about it earlier: Sharifah Nor-Jannah, Shakirah, Zura (not `Zara’. Oh, only Sherry knows a bit about her). Had SMS Elviza too, but it was a short one.  “Hmm, looks like favouritism here”. Not really – it’s just that all of them (and Mekyam too – at around 3AM) had played a very important part with my trying to make this one come to life:

“When we are being compassionate, we consider another’s circumstance with love rather than judgment”

Yes, Shakirah – I owe this one to you especially. If it had been from another person, I might not have given that too much thought, as often happens when I receive unsolicited advice from “armchair critics and self-appointed philosophers who only HAD READ that”.

By the way, the case was postponed to May 6 because the judge had to attend to something else. “No session, but `sensational’…? How?” Wait until I have the time. [BTW something nasty follows. If you don’t like such things at this blog, you can stop reading RIGHT NOW]

AND I’ll mention something else too – Oh, it’s “Mat Cendana will mention something else too” – the above was cendana287, but it’s now that Mat Cendana – original founder and one of the self-styled Knight of the Demi Negara Order. And these knights can get nasty when it concerns disparaging remarks and detrimental actions against entities they hold dear – Malays, Islam, Malaysia… and KijangMas too.

This “something else” – it concerns “monkeys who wear kupiah “ … particularly those who have knowingly and with ill intent had wronged a former Pusat Serenti Gambang inmate. Well, take notice that there’s this scientific principle of “For every action, there is a reaction”; plus something about “cause and effect”, “paying the piper” and especially “You reap what you sow”Ada bawak GUNI ke?…because the lallang that you had sown with that Gambang guy is ripening.

BTW please don’t over-read this and come up with “You are anti-Islam!… You hate people who wear Islamic attire!” Go and enrol for Form One English tuition – WHERE is it mentioned that “people who wear kupiah are monkeys”? I hope people won’t be too unhappy with me here about this particular nastiness – I’m sorry… But I’m fighting against people who harbour ill-intentions towards me, my life. And I can prove it

Wednesday 25 March 2009: Mahkamah Syariah Pasir Mas… Ah, so satisified and elated, the monkeys who wear kupiah;  raso cerdik benar puok NATAE ni… ada yae macae BERUK panjat nyior – dia nampak relaks, diam jah… pah gigit tangae kito.

Ada sekor yae macae KERA Botanical Garden Penang, yae dok tunggu oghe mari… buleh jugok kacae, pisae. Hok kera sub-species lebai kampung ni, dia tunggu oghe mati – sembahyae mayat buleh jugok RM10 dalae sampul (kalu RM2 rumah oghe susah, dalae hati kera lebai kampung ni dok menyumpah… “Religion is for personal profit – literally, in ringgit and sen”… nak cover mengaji sekolah pondok, hafal ayat, Arab sikit-sikit, buleh nunjuk ko oghe kampung macae “alim, pandai agama… jadi, ikut Islam 100% lah kalu gitu.” TIDAK!… sifat diri macae jugak KERA… mulut luas macam kera jugak; siap pandai benar putar ayat kiri-kanae…

25 March, the self-important monkeys smirked – “We, the pillars of society and with kupiah too, which proves how pious we are… What an easy target; just someone who had been to PUSAT… drug addicts, bad people unlike us. And this one – how dare he!…doesn’t consider us HIS SUPERIORS!…we are special, why didn’t he bow to us?? He doesn’t have to go after the sembahyang mayat envelope with RM10! Let’s crush him – start with his reputation, image, self-confidence… let him have no one, be alone again – he will sleep under bridges and abandoned houses again.”

Sorry, monkeys – I’m still here! Watch this space… And “Mat Cendana’s BLOG REVIEW” – the Beruk and Kera become Posts… With Names and Addresses. Yes, they will be that libelous.


8 thoughts on “Elviza’s with Malay Mail!

  1. Bro Mart..sekarang dah jadi web explorer ye..nanti bila free i will look at all these things based on your recommendation.

  2. Dear Mat, it is very unusual that this post has so far not had many comments. Could it be that you have driven your commentators away to twitter, and they are now direct messaging you? I do love to read comments and your replies as well, because sometimes they are not-to-be-missed extensions to your main stories.

    The last part of your post made me cower in fear. Takut terkena tempias hehehe….

  3. Salam Bang Mad,

    I nearly missed of your new update after the post about sis Elviza. Why don’t you put it up as a new entry instead? Anyway, had wanted to ask you on the outcome of the court thingy…luckily I noticed of the ‘sorry, tumpang post’. :)

    Anyway…I haven’t been to Twitter though there are several invitation to join ’em. Maybe later..or maybe not. :)

    See you around, Bang Mad. Have a nice day! :)

  4. Zara,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I should be writing a new post but was interrupted by so many things. Among them was a severe case of constipation Wednesday morning that left me exhausted the whole day. And Tuesday evening – my handset was destroyed in a freak accident. Today is… Super Thursday – have to do this work first and foremost. But I’ll write a new post here the first chance I get.

  5. Salam Bro Mart, saya doakan segala kebaikan untuk tuan.

    1. ..dan kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang2 yg bertaqwa. (Al-A’raf:128)
    2. ..dan bahawasanya Allah tidak meredhai tipu daya orang2 yg berkhianat. (Yusuf:52)
    3. ..sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan membiarkan terus berlangsungnya pekerjaan orang2 yg membuat kerusakan. (Yunus:81)
    4. ..sesungguhnya Allah tidak menyia-nyiakan pahala orang2 yg berbuat baik. (At-Taubah:120)


  6. @SOT
    Kepada saudara Hisham,
    Thank you for visiting and leaving this comment. I’m giving Number 2 a lot of thought, for I feel I was wronged by a few people. And each had his/her`niat’ and nawaitul – the real reasons for their words, actions…or in not undertaking some action `that would have presented things in a different light.

    “2. ..dan bahawasanya Allah tidak meredhai tipu daya orang2 yg berkhianat. (Yusuf:52)

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