David R is in Malaysia!!

This is the most heart-thumping email message that I’ve ever received! A very very dear friend – American David R – has arrived from Seoul, Korea  and is now in Malaysia!

I have to mention this: David was one of the people who didn’t abandon me when the chips were down – and it was he who had helped to make my stay at Pusat Serenti Gambang from Nov 2005 to 18 Dec 2006 such a pleasant and interesting experience. Here’s the email that I received a few minutes ago:

Dear Ahmad,
I’m in Malaysia and plan to spend the nights of [changed] 2x and 2x January at the [DELETED] Hotel in Kota Bharu. Do you think we might have an opportunity to meet, in Kota Bharu or Pasir Mas? I’ll hope to call you.
– David

I’m so excited! More about this later – I have `something’ to complete by 6PM, “or else”.

**UPDATE Friday 23/1 6:07PM – Received a call from David at 5.57PM – he’s in Kelantan!! It’s getting dark, and I don’t have my own transportation. And there will be a problem in getting back home later. BUT I’ll find a way to go tonight, and not wait tomorrow… Finally, of meeting someone I’ve known since 10 years ago!!

**UPDATE Saturday 24/1 6:28PM – Another memorable day! David came to my house at 11AM. So did Mohd Zawi! We talked about a lot of things. Then, we “went around”. Came back at 5.30PM. Will write a new post about all this.


16 thoughts on “David R is in Malaysia!!

  1. MC,
    Hears a couple of times from you about David sending you parcels from Korea. I guess they must be books for you to read and review or something.
    Enjoy yourself meeting such a great friend.

  2. I had seen all these comments a few minutes after they were sent in. However, it has been a very very busy day (Thursdays usually are). It’s only now that I have the time to write this short reply.

    I had always wanted to write about David here – how I first had known him, plus the things he had done for me over the years. I guess this is definitely the right time to do so. I’m writing a new post about it – I hope I have the strength to complete it because I’m so tired right now…

  3. 5.57 PM – Received a call from David – he’s in Kelantan!! It’s getting dark, and I don’t have my own transportation. BUT I’ll find a way to go tonight, and not wait tomorrow… Finally, of meeting someone I’ve known since 10 years ago!!

  4. hope you have got over your pre-excitement with this David friend by now,,,,we can’t wait to hear more about it,,,,,once you can find the time for it-lah.
    Keep us in high suspend and we all will turn into Suspenders.
    hehehe,,,,have a great time with your American buddy.
    yaaaa,,,also take care while travelling at nite in KB, many hidden dangers around ever corner,,,,just walk away from it o.k.


  5. @Capt
    Alamak, I have to apologise – it’ll have to be tomorrow (morning). And this (my writing this reply instead of `pura-pura’ not aware) is already `a compromise’.

    You see, when I got back at near 11PM, couldn’t get Internet connection. I’ve promised someone I’ll get enough sleep tonight, and that means shutting down at midnight (it’s past that).

    Before shutting down, I tried the connection again – OK.. downloaded the emails and saw this. I’m in a dilemma – would really like to write about the meeting, BUT I have to remember what I had promised… to people who care about me.

    So, just a short note instead of the Post that I had intended: I managed to get to Kota Bharu towards dusk. Yes, I met David… after knowing him since 10 YEARS ago!!:-) So happy, contented, grateful. BTW he’ll be coming to my house tomorrow morning; just to see “how I live… to really see what he had been READING all these years.”

    So, TOMORROW, everyone – Have to learn to follow the well-intentioned advice of others, Shutdown and have enough rest.

  6. newlife, Puteri Kamaliah and all:
    Thank you for your kind wishes.
    Yes, David came to this house in the morning – and Zawi too! It was a memorable day for me; of something I had not expected (although I had fantasized of it happening). Will write a post about this. Last Monday was about the drama at the court – and now this! I’ll have to sit down and reflect on all this… and be grateful to God for all that He has granted.

  7. Life is like a living stage,,,a drama of yourself,,,,what you want to be, not dictated by others !,,,now with freedom in one hands, don’t let others take it away.
    Live life and don’t waste it,,,,time running out and it does not wait for you or me or us.
    Priceless,,,,time & freedom.
    aaaaammm reflection-lah cukup cukup Matt ooooiiii,,,don’t let us wait too long,,,, hahaha.
    O.K. take it easy,,,be cool.

  8. A Stoke City fan, wow, must have supported them for a long time.
    Me, actually I love Blackburn but am too ashamed to admit sometimes kah kah
    just a joke, your story is impactful because of its honesty.
    I respect you.

  9. i came back to home town, tumpat from klang, tru grik, passing Tanah merah to lubung Jong. Tru this bypass around 8.30 PM Sat 24/1/9, i was thinking of you. At the time you were the most happily man on planet , ‘ve met your Mr David R. Mat, we are almost same age, same music influences and i have seen friend pening-pening, ada yang meninggal. To you Mat a very good luck dan selalu dibawah nuaganNya. saya amat terharu Rm50,keluarga dan KFC.

  10. sumoberek12
    I just don’t know what to say…
    This is really something to me – to have someone actually thinking of me!… and Yes, at around that time, I was so happy and contented – David had actually reached my house that morning! This is the Power of God… I and Zawi had also spent a good part of the day with David later on, and I had reached home at around 5.30PM.

    Well, I had intended to write a social-political post at the other site (on the Rocky-Haris Ibrahim thing); but after reading your comment, I’ve decided to continue with the post about David. The readers impatiently waiting for this continuation should thank sumoberek12 for this:-)

    BTW if you must know, I had never thought too much about that matter of RM50, family and KFC… until it was mentioned by a few people here (including a few through SMS, YM or Facebook). There was something magical in that one…

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