KL Rocks! A morning at Mont Kiara

Wednesday, 19 Nov 2008 – I’ve had one of the most unforgettable days of my life. That should mean I have a lot to write about. Yes, I do – so much to the extent that I don’t know what to write about! So I’m going to do what I had done before and just hope that it will work – just write.

It’s more than a week since that memorable day; and only now do I think I have the time to write uninterrupted (Wrong – was interrupted and delayed four times! Now FIVE) The past week has also been quite `unfortunate’.  I’m now in a situation that I’ve not faced for so long – almost 10 years in fact – of things being so hectic! During “normal” times, this post would definitely have been completed and sent in last Thursday.

Anyway, many of you already know about my trip to Kuala Lumpur – the first since July 1999.  It had started from the Pasir Mas train-station on Tues 18 Nov at 7:05 PM; with a EKSPRES WAU train journey that reached Sentral, KL the following morning at about 9.15 AM – 14 hours. And later the same Wednesday, after I had undertaken what I had gone to KL for, it was back to Pasir Mas on the EKSPRES WAU at 8.30 PM. So, I had spent 28 hours on the train in the 40 hours away from home.

This post is mainly to fulfil the request from ArahMan7 who had sent me a SMS when I was on the return trip home, and also that of  Kbguy a few days ago. Both  had wanted to know about my meeting up with Mat Salo – something that I had not planned.

mtKiara_front_50 The reason I had been to KL was to attend a meeting at Plaza Mont Kiara. Okay, I feel it’s proper to mention a bit about this since I regard those who come to this site as friends.

Thanks to the efforts of someone in Petaling Jaya, I was given an opportunity to undertake a work-from-home project in writing and sub-editing through the Internet for an education-related company in KL. The meeting – scheduled at 11 AM – was to introduce myself to two of its directors, and to discuss various things expected of and hoped for by both parties.

Anyway, on reaching Sentral, I had SMSed Elviza Michele of my whereabouts. She had already known about my plan to come over to KL, and had wanted to meet me. She was in Kajang at that time and said she would try to come over to Sentral towards dusk. Well, that sounded like a lot of work for her, and I was not about to have her going through the trouble.

Actually, it was also due to me being saddled with this extreme shyness and fear of meeting others (especially of the opposite sex). Yes, that’s what isolation does to one’s self and it is something that I am still coming out of. Anyway, I messaged Elviza again – telling her to just give her plan a miss. I also `reassured’ her by insisting that “I’ll be coming over to KL again” – which might be 2017:-)

So, after a refreshing hot-water shower (which Sherry Nor-Jane in Kuantan, by SMS, had insisted on) and a change of clothes at Sentral, I was off to Plaza Mont Kiara by taxi – reaching the office’s building  right on the dot at 11 AM (BTW I was pleasantly surprised that the coupon for the fare cost just RM11. The travelling bag was stuffed into a self-service locker that required two 50 sen coins – it took a few minutes before I gradually figured out how to lock it).

There I was at that classy-looking area above. The directors (Chinese, of both sexes in their late 30’s/early 40’s) decided to hold the meeting at an upmarket cafe (everything  appeared upmarket here). I later remembered that the last time I was at a similar place was at Taman Perling, Johor Baru – in August 1999, with a director of a software development company. Anyway, the three of us clicked, with the 90-min meeting remembered as productive and stimulating – exceeding my previous hopes and expectations. (And it is also one of the reasons why this post is more than a week late!)

It was 12.30 PM, and I had intended to go back to Sentral and hang around the terminal until the train leaves at 8.30 PM. But the first thing to do at the taxi-stand was to `report’ to Sherry and her husband Nazmi. Then I saw a SMS with an unknown “non-East Coast number”. The message said:

12:09:51 pm Salaam Bro.. It’s me Mat Salo. If theres a chance, or if theres a break, I can be in mont kiara in less than 15 mins upon being sumoned. Got time 4 a coffee later bro?

Mat Salo!? But how did he know my number?… “Elviza must have given it to him”, I thought (it wasn’t, as I later found out). But that was not an issue – the issue was, “What do I reply?”. Remember that extreme shyness and fear I had mentioned above – it was real. But I knew I must meet with him. I immediately forwarded Mat Salo’s SMS to Sherry, to have her reply as confirmation to what I had in mind. Naturally she was supportive, and I replied in the positive to Mat Salo and waited… His message was more than 30 mins ago – maybe he now has other things to attend to? [TO BE CONTINUED] 


12 thoughts on “KL Rocks! A morning at Mont Kiara

  1. what ????? To be continue ?? adusshhh !! kite tengah suspend baca nak tau ending cerita dia dengan mat Salo and Elviza…, dia pulak bagi kite waiting in suspend. Btw, Mat Salo also sms me yesterday night as he step down from his airasia flight after return from Krabi. Terkejut jugak I macam mana dia dapat no saya. Seems like blogging is also a small world lah ! haha..
    Syok jugak lah kau dapat kerja dari rumah ! Taniah !

  2. “I think think this Mat Salo fler is getting to be a real pain in the behind.. he flies by the seat of his pants relying solely on intuition and his absolute disdain and distaste in the establishment. Makes no apologies and takes no prisoners in his quest to find the meaning to life. He rides roughshod over all and sundry but finds a soft spot for those left behind. He harks back to the days where friendship, loyalty and cheap booze and cigarettes were once King. One is well advised to steer clear of him, unless one is quite comfortable dallying with a loaded gun or basket full of venomous kala jengking… ” :)

    Ala-mak.. I sound like bad bumbling Russian spy in an old Le Carre novel… ;)

  3. @areps
    Wow, that’s a quick reply – you are an early riser…
    No, no… I forgot – you “sleep late”:-)
    BTW Arep, who was previously working in Tawau, Sabah, is in the United Kingdom.

    @Sri Kebakat
    Ah, now THIS is an early riser, definitely…it’s the weekend in Kelantan:-)

    Sorry for keeping you in suspense Heheh! I’ll make it up with you – I’ve started Windows Live Writer and will continue with it RIGHT NOW. Hopefully, I can complete it tonight. I just hope I won’t get distracted as I had since coming back from that KL trip.

    BTW am having some problems with this Celcom wireless connection. Looks like I might have to go beg, borrow or s—- NO, not the last one – and get a Streamyx connection too. Having these jobs justify the expenditure I should say…

  4. Bro,
    I must own up. I want to apologize. It was me who gave your number and also KBguy’s number when bro Mat Salo asked for it. He said he needed it to contact you since you were in KL and I thought he meant well. Tauke Lim saya juga minta maaf sama tauke.
    I am happy that you have a great time together and met all those great blogger friends. Be prepared for another surprise after the 29th of Nov.2008.

  5. @Mat Salo
    I wonder how your comment could have made it to the Spam folder! That’s so ironic – the person who had played the biggest part in creating that wonderful day having his comment here doubted by WordPress. What an insult!

    That’s a lesson for people with blogs at Worpress – sometimes the Akismet filter gets it all wrong. It’s always necessary to check first before deleting.

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