Elviza on RTM’s TV1 "Blog" programme

This is supposed to be a post about my amazing day in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday, 19 Nov. I’ve been writing about it since Thursday but was/am sidetracked by WORK (the “paying” kind that I can’t neglect). But I’m setting the work aside right now because I just have to write this one, no matter how short.

It’s about Elviza Michele Kamal of the Write Away blog – specifically about her appearance on TV1’s Blog programme just now from 8.40-9.00PM. Yes, “others” have appeared here before. But this one by Elviza was SPECIAL – because she’s a special person in my heart.

How special? Well, see it this way – that was the first time in 3 months that I had watched TV. No, I didn’t even bother with the Olympics ever since getting an Internet connection in mid-July. I don’t have a TV set in this house, so I went to my sister-in-law’s house in front – it would be a sin to have missed seeing Elviza live.


CAPTION: This isn’t Elviza, but Nuraina Samad of the blog 3540 Jalan Sudin. She was the first woman to be featured on this programme – 11 May 2008. Click on the pix or here to see the post in Rocky’s Bru about it.

There was one thing I had worried about since knowing she would be on TV – that I might actually forget about it when the time comes! That’s a real problem with me right now, forgetting things. No, I don’t think it’s because of age – or “effects on memory due to previous drug use”:-) … it’s mainly because I’m FULLY occupied right now with doing so many things. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But more about this another time (have to complete this post, and then continue with “some real work”).

But I didn’t forget. For one thing, ArahMan7 SMS me at 8PM to confirm that Elviza will indeed be on TV (his Streamyx is giving him problems again). And so did Sherry Nor-Jane (she was eagerly waiting for it too) and her husband Nazmi in Kuantan.

8.40PM…and there was Elviza! And she looked so pretty too! Well, it wasn’t “the first time I had seen her” – in fact I had seen her in the flesh in Bangsar last Wednesday, 19 Nov. And I had met Borneo Blues Mat Salo. Plus Rocky Bru. Plus Nuraina Samad. Yes, ALL on that same memorable day! I’ll mention about this in my next post (the one that is sidetracked by work).

As for Elviza on TV1, there was something that I’ll remember. She had mentioned about “meeting former drug addicts through the blogs; and they write so well!…” For fear of being “perasan”, I hope she had meant me and ArahMan7 too…

Well, back to work.


7 thoughts on “Elviza on RTM’s TV1 "Blog" programme

  1. Dear Mat,

    Yes, I mean you and Arahman7. Who else did u think it is?

    Now, you’re making me blush with all the compliments.

    Thank you, my friend

  2. Here’s something more to blush about.
    It’s a SMS from Sherry at 8:50:07 pm when the programme was still on. I don’t remember what I had written (this cheap Nokia 1208 keeps only the last 15). But it was probably more or less the same as the one I had sent to you around 9PM. Here’s what Sherry had replied:

    Aha, cantik dia.

  3. Mat,
    I saw it. Silly of RTM to steal the short time slotted for Elviza to air silly comments from youngsters who have no inkling about serious blogging. They didn’t have any of that in the previous editions.

  4. o, thanks Mat for the info about the programme just a few hours earlier on my blog site.Or else I would have missed it. To be frank, this is the 1st time I am watching this programme as I never watch RTM 1 !. ha ha.
    And I am glad you can still find time to blog about it, or it ‘ll be a stale news.
    And I am waiting about your next post regarding your meeting with Mat Salo and the gang..
    O, yes Elviza was about to mention about you or maybe Arahman, but the conversation was guided to something else or was interrupted by the interviewer.
    Lets see who’s the next blogger for the programme.

  5. @kbguy
    This is the SECOND time you’ve made this request. I’m extremely tired right now (full day of work since dawn), plus I have something else to do… BUT I simply can’t keep aside this request from a fellow “kelantan Blogger”:-)

    And there will be something for Zawi and a few others … to explain why I don’t have much time nowadays for anything. Okay, me the “PMguy” will continue the previous post about Mat Salo – as requested by Kbguy (BTW I remember ArahMan7 having SMSed me about it too when I was on the train)

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