“Akmal mninggal 5.45”

This is the SMS that I had received from my younger sister in Johor at 6.12 PM. Akmal, 11, one of her children, passed away at 5.45 PM today in Johor.

He was sent to the ICU yesterday due to fluids in the lungs. My parents, however, were not informed of the severity of the condition, for my younger sister did not want them to worry too much. My elder sister and my brother-in-law (both doctors), who live near Johor and who understood in detail about the possibilities, were there from yesterday.

His condition took a turn for the worse. At 11.31 AM today, she had sent me this SMS:

“Getting worse,one lung not fnctiong, oxygen supply very low.Doctors fear multple organ failure.Ysterday heartbeat stopped for 15 minutes.Kak came twice”

There was no hiding it anymore from my parents. Only then were they told. Before that, at 10.55 AM, my father had sent me an SMS to inform me about “Akmal being in a critical condition” (not realising that I already knew about it much earlier).

Kepada Allah kita kembali … To Allah we return.

*Sat 13 Sept 1.30AM: THANKS to everyone for their condolences; either here or by e-mail … Arep, DavidR (in Korea), F, Conspiracy Theorist, Sherry … 4.10PM: Thanks HishamAR, blogkelate, love-n-hate, Lady M.

***Added 13 Sept 4.15PM: I won’t ever know how a mother feels when it happens to her – a child that you had carried inside you for nine months … and in my sister’s case, were with you for another 11 years. And then he is … gone. It is times like this that we need God’s help; to have that inner strength to cope. It’s encouraging to receive this SMS from her 10 minutes ago. Among other things, she said:

“Alhmdulillah I’m coping though it’s not easy. I thnk we can nver ever be ready 2 let a child go, u being a parent should undrstand d feeling.”

Incidentally, there’s one thing that I should mention here: I’m still on a two-year “Pengawasan” (supervision) after being released from the pusat. Among other things, I’m not allowed to go outside my district without permission. Nope, not even to the neighbouring districts of Kota Bharu, Tumpat or Tanah Merah; if this regulation is followed strictly. This will end at the end of this year.


17 thoughts on “Al-Fatihah

  1. InsyaAllah meninggal di usia muda begitu, Syurga menantinya. Ajal maut itu sudah termaktub. The rest hanyalah penyebab saja. Sabarlah menempuh ujian & ketentuan Allah ini.

  2. Innalillahi innailahi rojiun…

    Takziah buat your family. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Semoga kamu sekeluarga tabah dengan kepergian adik Akmal… Alfatihah

    **Dari DIA kita datang, kepada DIA kita kembali…

    **Alhamdulillah, semoga dia mendapat keberkatan Ramadhan…

  3. Innalillahi innailahi rojiun,
    Takziah buat anda dan keluarga.
    Kita mesti redha atas pemergian adik Akmal. Segalanya telah ditentukan.

  4. Salaam Takziah ke keluarga adik, bro’.

    Kepada DIA kita kembali. Semoga di cucuri berkat dan rahmat dari NYA di bulan mulia ini. Semuga keluarga adik di beri ketabahan.

  5. @love-n-hate
    Well, I try to; most of the time.
    It’s really a pesky thing: I have to report to the police station once a month, plus at the AADK office too.

    And there are three other things besides the ones mentioned, if I’m not mistaken…

    But the AADK officer supervising me has given sort of a free rein since a few months ago – I need only attend activities “when I have the time”. Which means “I don’t have time”, of course :-)

  6. One thing that I have to say about the AADK people: They’re great!

    Just three years ago, I never thought that I’d say this. But as they say, “Tak kenal maka tak cinta”. I owe a lot to some of the AADK officers … at Pusat Serenti Gambang, the Kuantan AADK (esp En Mohd Said, the district chief), the Pahang State AADK, the Pasir Mas AADK… God Bless them

  7. innalillah ..
    hey dude .. it’s just a simple thing, u can get that Borang 5 (Kebenaran Keluar Kawasan) in a minute!! as long as En Said as the district chief is around to sign the form (he’s the only person who can sign it!!!)

    the most important thing is that u send them a letter, report at the nearest AADK office n the police station while u reach your sister’s house ..

    (i’m a lil bit late for telling u this eh..??)

    as in my place, usually those OKPs who have established work and we know damn well about the job etc, will be exempted from joining programs with 3 conditions ..
    1. attend the regular report both in AADK office & police station
    2. join at least 1 program in 6 month
    3. drug-free urine test (everytime he/she comes to report, or else, ‘i’ll bring u to balai)

    cheerio ..

  8. @alinone78
    I was wondering how you know about all this until I checked your blog.

    Yes, I was aware of how to go about this; although I have only a vague idea about the forms involved. BTW I’m not in Kuantan anymore but my hometown. My problem then was that it happened on the weekend in Kelantan…

    I’ve been very strict adhering to that particular clause – I’ve not gone outside the district in the past 21 months. Except on a few occasions when I went to Kota Bharu (shopping – not necessary now since Pantai Timur has just opened a branch here two weeks ago)

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