Post-Rocky’s Bru: I’m not “The Special One”

…and neither is Jose Maurinho. YOU FOLKS ARE.

After being “Rocky Bru-ed” (just like “Jeff Ooi-ed”), the past 24 hours have been exceptional. Yes, “One day at a time” holds true for everyone; but there will come certain days when the same still-24-hours yield so much more.

I owe you one, bro!
I owe you one, bro!



The past day has been a prime example for me. Not to sound overly poetic, but because of you all, it is a day that shines and radiates. It is a day that creates hopes and promises of the future, and the desire to emulate you all to also be beneficent inside my self.

Our words to others show an aspect of ourselves that is like a mirror: When you are able to give hope, encouragement and joy to others, it means you have enough of these inside yourselves. Those who lack these, can’t. Period.

After all, why should you care about or bother with an unknown here? And someone who had been inside a police lock-up, prison and court-ordered drug rehabilitation centre … someone who had created disruptions to self and sundry. Maybe “someone bad, weak, morally deficient…”

In fact, the opposite would have been easy: to take advantage of the Internet to settle some score with known active drug abusers and addicts – “criminals, thieves, robbers” – and send in abusive and hurtful remarks against me – someone who has suddenly become a visible and tempting target. And defenceless too.

But nobody did that … becauseYOU are the special ones.

The significance of it is that, I need no longer stay in the shadows and be alone. I can now take a decisive and significant step back into being a participating and productive member of society again. These, because of what had happened yesterday, when you all acknowledged and accepted that I am a person too.

Hopefully one day real soon, I will also be like you all: Being able TO GIVE and not just receive.

Yes, September 2 is an extraordinary day for me; because of Rocky Bru and you all.


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