Rocky Bru is a pusher!

…and a mighty one too.

He propels fledgling weblogs through gravity’s pull by boosting them with massive directed traffic. That’s how significant his influence in the Malaysian Internet world is, if you don’t know it already.

Rocky Bru - Malaysia's Internet `Taikoh'
Rocky Bru - Malaysia



At about 11pm on Sept 1, Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky Bru started a post about this 19-days-old blog: An ex-junkie’s blog. The hit counter was at 282, which I had felt “was okay enough, although it could have been slightly better” (the highest per day was 27, with other days 10-20).

A bit after midnight, it went past 300. “Ah, a couple of guys must be clicking on the posts,” I thought. “Hopefully, I’ll hit the 500 milestone in 10-14 days”. Took a last look at the RSS feeds in my Firefox 3.0 before I shut down and turn in… Susan Loone, Anil Netto, Engku Emran, The Gossip Lounge, Timesonline Football etc … Rocky’s Bru… “Interesting title… Hey, just maybe; might it be…?” Clicked on it and saw that it was!

The first feeling was of nervousness – “I’m gonna be in the spotlight!… there goes anonymity!”

There was no way I could go to sleep then! To cut a long story short, the hits had doubled in just an hour! In less than five hours, another major milestone was passed – 1,036. I then stopped paying attention to it for a while. At 11.45am – 12 hours+ `after launching’ – 2,273 … 7.30pm (breaking fast) – 3,357. This is chicken-feed to some of you veterans. But for me, it’s “Magical Ramadhan” indeed! Here is the graph – readjusted from the previous maximum figure of 40

Number of hits here, 24 hours after being mentioned at Rocky's Bru
Number of hits here, 24 hours after being mentioned at Rocky

I don’t know what to say, really. Truth be told, I had reminded myself not to feel exhilarated – much less to gloat (even if quietly, and only to myself) – if it results in more visits. “Happy”, “satisfied” are okay, and only to be expected. I have to be careful not to be “galak” (excessively gleeful), to prevent my emotions from being rollercoaster-like. Anyway, I had hoped for 500 additional hits after 24 hours – my estimate that was roughly based on the usual number of comments at Rocky’s Bru. Apparently, there are many, many lurkers there!

The result of the introduction and increased traffic (which will taper off starting tomorrow, of course) is this: for better or worse, things would not and could not be the same again for my humble, freshly-minted blog. Nor would `my self and life’, for I am now no longer Anonymous. Praying that our coming together will change things “for the better” – for me, those closest AND you all (I’ll elaborate on this in another post)

This marks a new phase in my journey towards recovery … of the slow rebuilding of self and life after they were destructed. “God, help me deal with and grant me the very best from all that is happening.”

[Original post of 6.45pm was edited at 9.40pm & had added some pixs at 2.45am Sept 3. This is also my learning experience on how to include some multimedia in this blog to try make it `better’]


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