Six Steps of Inner Bonding – eBook

I’m far from done with the last post. In fact, this post is an extension of it. In my quest to learn more about something that I’m weak at – “Relationship” – I was led to this site: It came about after reading an article by Dr Margaret Paul at

Anyway, I went to her site and had downloaded a PDF file (395 KB) of the above title. I’m still reading it, but here is what it’s about:

Welcome to our introductory course on the Six Steps of Inner Bonding. This
course will give you all the basics of the Inner Bonding process. Inner Bonding is a
process which, when practiced consistently, heals fear, limiting beliefs, anger, shame,
guilt, aloneness, depression, anxiety, addictive behavior, as well as relationship
problems. Inner Bonding provides you with the skills to take loving care of yourself,
share your love with others, and be empowered to take full responsibility for all your
own feelings and behavior.

You can read it at this link. Or if you prefer to download it for offline reading, right-click on it and choose “Save link as…” or something similar, depending on your browser. BTW I use Firefox and Opera. Yes, at the same time:-) Occasionally, Internet Explorer is running too; when I’m doing that “Updating Windows”.


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