My first 7 days in Blogworld

It’s exactly one week since I started this blog. And I must say that it has been a fruitful and worthwhile week indeed on matters that directly involve this blog.

For one thing, I’ve had three individuals who were kind enough to have left their comments here. “So few??”, someone particular with all things statistics might remark. No, it’s not “few” or “many”  that I’m concerned with here – it’s the fact that they are three PEOPLE.

When we think more deeply about it, it’s remarkable, really … three fellow humans willing to spend a few minutes of their LIMITED lives SPECIFICALLY FOR ME! And two of them have even come back again, with one also sending a couple of e-mails. These mean that I’ve managed to have varying degrees of relationship with others – something that might not have been possible without my laptop, Celcom Broadband (never mind the slow GPRS 53Kbps speed) and this blog.

The first person to leave a comment was someone with the handle of mekyam. With a bit of IP checking, I’ve realized a remarkable thing  … I most likely know her! And vice versa … From seven years ago at an Internet group.


One thought on “My first 7 days in Blogworld

  1. mat,

    now that it dawns on me who you could be, i think it wasn’t seven “nabi yusuf” years ago kot. more like 11 or 12 years!

    i just responded to your email, btw. quite delighted our chequered paths cross again, if you are indeed who i think you are.

    perhaps that was why i felt the urge to hop over and say hello when i read your comment at rocky’s. serendipity! :-)

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