Managing Anger – A top priority

ANGER … Easy to get angry … Saying and doing things when angry … Regretting these responses … But repeating them again and again…

Yes, this is one of my major flaws – something that I’ll have to give priority to, and something that I’ll have to keep improving myself on until the day I die. Whenever I remember those moments when I allowed anger to consume me, I’m filled with shame and regret.

I’ve found a very useful post here. This doctor, apparently, is also from Malaysia. I had initially known about it from Rocky’s Bru – a top socio-political blog by a former editor of Malaysia’s Malay Mail.

Follow the links that the good doctor had included in that post, and you will find more articles that are of tremendous help.

Just remember (and I’m reminding myself here more than anyone else) that reading is one thing, and doing is another. But when we take the time to read about it, at least it might lead to something.

It’s hard to admit our own weaknesses – finding them in others is the opposite, of course. But until we are honest and open minded about it, we won’t get anywhere … always stuck in the same rut. And when we also have  the willingness to do what is right (in this case, managing our anger), a lot of good things will follow, Insyaallah.


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