Excellent drug recovery site

It’s been 24 hours since I started this blog, and I’ve learnt a lot today.

I’ve come to know about things that I didn’t know had existed before. Plus on how to do things better. And a lot of these came about from my involvement with this blog. This certainly verifies the saying that “You learn by doing”.

One of the most important thing today is in coming across the blog of My Journey to Recovery by ArahMan7. I had gone to BlogsMalaysia.com and had seen his link there. Like me, he is also from Malaysia – Kuala Kangsar, Perak, to be specific. He is also a recovering addict.

He has been at it for more than a year, judging from the date of the earlier posts. And there is a lot of useful content and links there. One thing is for sure – I’ll be visiting that blog frequently from now on. My only complaint is that the site is a bit graphics-heavy, which makes downloading a drag.

* [Updated 27 Aug]: I have to mention here that I’m using Celcom Broadband for Internet access. Well, `broadband’ in the sense that it’s supposed to be 384Kbps. However, I’m only able to get GPRS, not 3G, in my area right now, with a speed of 53Kbps. I hope Celcom will get the 3G station functioning soon. […]

Right now, I’ve subscribed his RSS feeds. I’ve downloaded his previous posts and the comments with Opera – For “heavy-duty” RSS feeds (items that come in every 60 minutes), I use FeedDemon, and also through Mozilla Thunderbird.

Anyway; it’s obvious that he is a member of the Narcotics Anonymous fellowship; which goes down very well with me. Besides the posts directly related to the NA principles, ArahMan7 has also posted a few accounts of his life, especially of what he hopes for and the obstacles that he face.

Yes, I can verify here that these are what recovering addicts face, regardless of where you live, your race and your religion.

Well, I’ve gotten a lot of ideas and information from his blog. I’ll certainly try to contact him, for he and I share many similarities (even his face looks like mine; albeit his is of the younger version). The most important thing is that … He is my fellow traveller on this journey of recovery.


3 thoughts on “Excellent drug recovery site

  1. Well, thank you my fellow traveller for your love post. Really appreciate it very much.

    I’m sorry, I didn’t get in touch sooner. As you may have noticed, I’m not regularly online like I used to do before. I guess I’ve to publish a post about the ‘why’ soon.

    That’s all for now. Thank you again.

    Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

  2. Ah, ArahMan himself has visited my humble blog!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Plus in putting my blog in your blogroll.

    It would be great to know how things are going on with you. It’s a bit puzzling as to why there have been no new posts at your site.

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